Portrait of the Artists as Young Girls/Detail

Portrait of the Artists
as Young Girls/Detail

Artist Statement

By constructing works about women and women’s issues, I hope to note the accomplishments and importance of many “invisible” little girls. These little girls became women who comprise approximately fifty-one percent of the population and their “voices” need to be heard. In my use of fabric, lace and articles of clothing as my media I maintain the memory of my immigrant family’s participation in the garment industry. By reaching back into my history, I honor their history.

As a storyteller and an educator I present to the world a wonderful account filled with the adventures and accomplishments of women, many of whom are virtually unknown. My intent is to capture the viewer visually, to seduce them and draw their interest to the content of the piece. My work seemingly deals only with issues of central importance to women, both past and present. However, if one looks deeply at the work they will note the matters being discussed are really beyond gender and politics. My works are actually explorations of tradition and identity.