Women in judaism: Ten questions

55.5” - 57” x 38” circumference

The same 10 questions were asked of over 200 rabbis who are women.  Eighteen responses are noted on each of the tallit katans (note the pink silk tzitzits).  The questions are as follows; How old were you when you decided to study for the rabbinate? How does your family feel about that decision?  Is there an aspect of Judaism/Spirituality you find of special interest?  Why did you choose this profession, were there other paths you considered?  What/Who was your motivation/inspiration?  Were there obstacles put in your path and how did you (not) overcome them?  What are/were your expectations/your disappointments?  Are there limitations in your life because of your choice?  Are there accommodations/recommendations/alterations you would like to incorporate into the liturgy and have you done so?  Do you think you (will) bring something unique to your (future) congregation because of your gender?